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Lotus Stand

Postby Damien W » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:09 pm

Thought some on here might be interested in a relatively recent acquisition that i presently have no real space for, nor the upper body strength to lift up the stairs to get it into the lounge (i thought it might make a nice coffee table) ...unfortunately as of yet i've no idea as to what sort of sculpture would have sat on it originally....

Details were pretty scarce about it but as far as i know its 19th century, has no makers marks (aside from construction notes) and is possibly associated with the deity Kangiten and Matsuchiyama Shōten based on the entwined daikon radishes and coin bag carvings on each of the lower panels.

It also seems to have been re lacquered at least once but possibly twice going by the presence of several small patches of nashiji lacquer at the lowest level of the damaged top and some fairly refined areas of red lacquer over the top of the nashiji but beneath the thickly applied top surface.

Its got some obvious serious issues with the top suffering having some rather large detached pieces (all bar one 10cm triangle accounted for) and two daikon carvings missing altogether.

If anyone else would care to take an informed guess about it or can clear up any misconceptions of mine it'd be muchly appreciated.

Measurements are about 45cm high by 146cm in diameter



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