silver finish on japanese tosogu

silver finish on japanese tosogu

Postby Patrice » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:47 am


I have question regarding the finish on silver japanese tosogu.
I own a silver fitting koshirae, missing the tsuba, and I have to make it, matching the other parts regarding patina.


The tsuba on picture is wrong, put on sword but not original, I will replace it.

On my sword, when you look at hidden and protected areas, it looks like it was white color, but faded to black with time.
Question one is, was it entirely white, really clean everywhere, or white, but with darker patina to enhance the design?
Question two, do I have to clean it?
And if I have to keep as it is, question 3, do I have to do same finish on the tsuba, probably using sulphide vapour or so?
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