Japanese Metalwork classes, Spring, Torquay, England. March

Japanese Metalwork classes, Spring, Torquay, England. March

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Japanese Metalwork classes, Spring, Torquay, England.
March 2017

Classes run Monday to Friday inclusive. 9am to 5pm. Lunch break from 12:30

Class fees, including materials, £650.
To secure your place please drop me a message via my website and I'll send you a paypal invoice for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the class fee.
Here's a handy link.

Jo (my wife) is offering a lunch-time meal plan. This will be a substantial main meal of the day to make evening meals less of a chore for those staying in B&Bs. Cost for the lunch plan is £50 for the 5 days. Tea, coffee and biscuits etc will be available throughout the day.

Class 1 intro requires a starter tool blank set (we make the tools in class).
These must be ordered directly from Dietrich Podmajersky in Seattle, USA. He’ll ship the whole class order directly to me here in Torquay.
16 tagane and 2 hisage. $220 (usd).
We’re using only one hammer for the intro class 1, these are hand forged for us by Mike Coffee and cost £35 each. They’ll be available from me here in Torquay.

Tools for intro class 2 are the same as class 1 but we'll need 3 or 4 more chisel blanks for the wire inlay. $40 should cover that. If you want another smaller hammer (than that used in intro class 1) for the inlay and other delicate work they’ll be available here also.

The uchidashi set comprises 17 pieces, a hammer and a scraper. You won't need the scraper in this set if you’d done the first intro class as that set includes two scraper blanks.
Michael Coffee is forging this set for us.
He can supply these sets, shipping included, for $220 each. They'll be shipped as a bulk order directly here.

Tool order details and email address will be provided once you’ve secured your class place. All class tool orders are discounted for us as they’re bulk orders.

I assume that most prospective students will have a passing familiarity with jewellery scale metalwork and have a basic set of their own hand tools. As I am unable to supply hand tools for personal use in class I’ll send out a list of required and recommended hand tools so you can check what you have is suitable and sufficient to do the work we’ll be tackling.

week 1
6th to 10th March

Intro class module one.

This covers making the required basic inlay and carving tools and raised inlay.
Typically we’re able to get to the start of carving the inlaid form (a ginkgo leaf) and the application of hisage (metal scraper tools).
Rokusho patination is introduced but generally it’s only once the first inlay and carving exercise is completed in the intro 2 do students properly get the chance to work with the patination process.

week 2
13th to 17th March

Intro class module two.
(Intro class 1 is a pre-requisite for this class)

Building on the first we'll develop carving and finishing techniques as well as deal with basic wire inlay and patination.

week 3
20th to 24th March

The uchidashi class.

This process is sometimes described as being like Chasing and Repoussé but is actually
quite different.

Uchidashi is best described as a form of metal raising with punches rather than a hammer
and on pitch instead of steel stakes. This allows for quite high relief and complex forms to
be worked up out of flat sheet.

Traditionally, uchidashi was the process Japanese metal artists used to create menuki, this
remarkable little sculptures that adorn the hilts of the Samurai sword.

Here’s a link to a photo essay showing there technique used to create a pair of gold cherry
blossom menuki.

Looking forward to hearing who'll be up for more adventures in Wa-bori.
"The artist yields often to the stimuli of materials that will transmit his spirit." Odilon Redon
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