Hello from Manchester UK

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Hello from Manchester UK

Postby Tim E » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:05 pm

Hello forum community, and thank you to the admin team for accepting my request.

My Name is Tim and I currently reside in Manchester UK. I'm a 41 year old avid naturalist and have been passionate about wood and trees for as long as I can remember. Most of my interests tie into the natural world in one way or another and are my greatest inspiration and teaching. I am fascinated by all forms of flora and fauna - the individual energy, shapes, textures and patterns that are represented in the wider world, and curiously, tend to be expressed with amazing macro and micro-overlap. This is the fuel that inspires me to pick up my carving chisels or sculpting material. Wood is my primary medium, though I also enjoy working in plastiline (similar to plasticine) to work out form in my head before I cut the wood.

I made a selection of titanium sculpting tools last year, which required me to construct a small forge and an anvil from a piece of railway track - this was great fun. Working titanium was a learning curve - so tough but so light, and it polished up a treat making really tactile but strong tools. When necessary, I also make various small carving chisels and finishing tools.

I greatly admire the Japanese artistic tradition and work ethic of attention to detail and subsequently this has developed into a serious desire to work in metal, hence why I signed up. My aim is to design and make tsuba using the natural world as creative inspiration. I will be reading around the subject more closely as I have a few wooden projects that must be finished first. My woodwork tends to be detailed and soon soaks up my spare time. I tend to only work one job at a time to enable me to focus and maintain my drive. Wood has a warmth and life of its own and each piece tells its own story. Whilst this individuality is a large part of its beauty, it can also bring frustration at times, such as when a crack appears when you least expect it, or the grain makes finishing in an obscure region testing. However, its generally all part of the learning process! Therefore I look forward to the challenge of working in a new metallic medium.

Thanks for having me onboard and best wishes to you all.
Tim E
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